четверг, 30 октября 2008 г.


Where I live superstitions are a way of life... beforehand a few basics.

"Duwende" - this is like the dwarves in the Western world, small old creatures with large beards, like Snow White's seven Dwarves. They are usually invisible unless provoked or caught offguard. There are two types of dwarves who exist that we believe. A Black one and a white one. Black are evil dwarves who live anywhere, usually in mounds of earth or sometimes in your home. Anyone who mess up with black dwarves get permanent illness or a curse. The reason why everytime my people would pass by a mound of soils (where termites live) they needed to ask for permission because not doing so is disrespect to the resident dwarf that can make them sick with his curse or even die. The white one is the exact opposite of the black. It brings good fortune. Anyone who sees a white dwarf and catch it can wish for anything. So here is the story...

A man went inside a toilet in the woods and saw the back of a white dwarf peeing on the wall. Immediately, he seized the small creature. He told that he would never let him go unless his wish for bars of gold is granted. The dwarf looked at the man with frightened eyes and agreed to grant his wish. However, the dwarf had a request, i.e. for the man to bend over while he doggies him from behind. The dwarf said that it is necessary for him to relax and be able to concentrate in unleashing his magical powers to grant his wish that the man immediately agreed. While the dwarf was doggying the man whose face was twisting each thrust, the dwarf , this time in a very relaxed and calmed voice spoke...
"How many gold bars do you wish for?"
"Uh... uh... 100... no... uh... 1000..."
"And how old are you?"
"Uh... uh... 45..."
"45? And you still believe in dwarves?"

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